Getting ready for spring

We are getting ready, set, go for spring. Already in the midst of garden planning and looking forward to what this upcoming season has for our farm. Lots of changes on the horizon and lots of stuff to look forward to, as well as lots to do.

I, Vanessa (Russ too )but probably more me, absolutely love this time of year. Its a time of new beginnings for the gardens. I look forward to the new veggies, fruits and flowers that we will try and excited for that first vine ripe tomato…. mmmm.

I spend lots of hours planning the garden, where stuff will go, how we rotate crops, what new stuff we will stick in open spaces and of course this year I have a big beautiful new sturdy greenhouse that Russ built for us last year. I can already see how its gonna look like in there with trays of new seedlings, early cukes, tomatoes, beans and greens. Its the stuff that every happy gardener like myself dreams about. I get excited about the longer days and the warmth of the sun and the new visitors that will drop by or labor of love, our farm.

Were making some really good changes this year and I’m getting excited to offer our vegetable boxes again and our salad share program….weekly and of course we will offering our fresh eggs and other specialty items from like-minded farmer friends its gonna be a good year. I anticipate that the nasty virus thing will go away and our beautiful province, our awesome island will be open to visitors once again and life might be a little different but it will be as we know it.

Every time you plant a seed, you plant hope and you faith in what tomorrow holds.

So as we are getting ready on our small, big life farm, I hope you also look forward to a new season and new life.

Cheers everyone, and look for our new and exciting posts in the next couple of weeks.

Just so you all know what we are up too.

Happy Farm Girl

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