A Little Shroomy around the farm these days….

Shroomy, what the heck are ya doing now? Anyone who knows me, knows that I love growing things, bugs (meal worms), seeds, plant cuttings, veggies, flowers….. and yes fungi. I have a fig tree, banana tree, a lemon tree plus house plants and succulents, as well as the big garden and the greenhouse. talk about … Continue reading A Little Shroomy around the farm these days….

It’s almost spring salad

Instructions Serves 1-2 1 cup microgreens of choice 1 blood orange cut into pieces 1/2 avacado cubed 1/2 cup julienned daikon radish 1/4 cup of walnut pieces Dressing 1 tbsp cold pressed/extra virgin olive oil 1 clove of garlic chopped (Opt) A dash of salt and pepper Toss all salad ingredients together. Shake the dressing … Continue reading It’s almost spring salad

Radish or Pea Shoot Microgreen Pesto

Instructions 15 minutes Vegetarian, Makes 1 cup. Microgreens make a perfect pesto and pack a nutritional punch! Use with chicken, fish, pasta, vegetables, potatoes or any other way you would use traditional basil pesto. Ingredients 3 garlic cloves juice from half a lemon 2-4 cups of radish or peashoot microgreens (well packed) salt and pepper … Continue reading Radish or Pea Shoot Microgreen Pesto