Weekly Vegetable Box Program


How Does It Work?

Our Old Island Market Farm offers a weekly vegetable box program with a “pay-as-you-go” format, where most CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs are paid in advance for the growing season.  This benefits you, the consumer, by not having the high initial output at the start of the season.

Here’s a synopsis of how our weekly vegetable box program operates:

  • Prior to the growing season, you’ll contact Our Old Island Market Farm with a request to receive a weekly vegetable box
  • You will initially pay $50 which represents payment your first and last vegetable box
  • Throughout the season at the time of your weekly vegetable box delivery, you will confirm and pay $25 for the following week’s box

That’s basically it!  All we ask is you commit to an approximate 20-week cycle so we can plan for our market objectives.


What Can I Expect?

We’ve chosen the types and varieties of vegetable to grow in our service based on past experience and demand.  During our trials for the last two years, we’ve come to know which vegetables our members would like to receive frequently and which they’d prefer to receive less often.

FREQUENT: tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, carrots, cucumbers, summer squash, onions, beans, peas, beets

SECONDARY: garlic, turnip, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, spinach, swiss chard, peppers, asian greens, eggplant

OCCASIONALLY: fennel, hot peppers, garlic scapes, sweet corn, ground cherries, kale, arugula, winter squash

We use careful consideration in putting together our weekly shares to make the offerings as diverse and enjoyable as possible:

  • we try to include a minimum of 8-12 different items per share in any given week of the season
  • aim to include lettuce in every weekly share (or spinach in the cooler seasons)
  • we try to include a variety of greens every week (perhaps two or three in the early season) but never the same green twice in a row
  • we try to include two or three root vegetables in every share – carrots as often as possible
  • we endeavor to add fruiting vegetables as early and often as possible and try to have herbs in every share we can

In an effort to aid in the variety and value of your weekly box, we may, on occasion, partner with other organic growers to provide specialty items.  We are fully transparent about that process.  Of course we know we can’t expect to please our entire membership in every share so we are receptive to member feedback and make an effort to accommodate their preferences.


Where Do I Receive My Delivery?

Our weekly vegetable boxes will be available for pick up at the Summerside Farmers Market on Saturdays between 9am-1pm.