the Farm

Located in Pleasant Valley, PEI, our small, intensively planted one-acre market farm produces a wide range of fresh vegetables throughout the year.  By practicing thorough crop rotation and building healthy soil structure we can virtually eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.  Our mission is to have as minimal a carbon-impact as possible by utilizing a no-till practice on the farm.  We believe that biological tillage can replace mechanical tillage as microbes, fungi and other soil organisms perform much of the necessary tillage when left uncompromised.  Likewise, earthworms perform a critical role in building healthy soil structure and we want them to thrive in our gardens.  We believe in choosing this method of farming, we’re being good caretakers of the earth and are providing a healthy, sustainable product.

the Farmers

Partners for nearly 25 years, Russ and Vanessa Anthony moved to PEI in 2013 to embrace a simpler and more self-sufficient life.  Vanessa’s creativity can be seen in her knitting, crocheting and jewellery making while her love of gardening made for an easy transition into full-time farming.  Russ spends most of his limited free time working on restoring their 130 year old farmhouse.  Given his love of the outdoors, a farmer’s life has also proven to be a perfect fit.

the Food

Like many of the local small farmers we’ve come to know and respect, we see the value in fresh and locally grown food.  By staying small and keeping our costs down, we can provide to you and your family healthy and affordable produce.  Early in the growing season, while days are short and nights are cool, you can expect to find a variety of leafy greens and baby root vegetables.  As spring turns to summer and more of the fruiting varieties come into season, you’ll find juicy ripe tomatoes, summer squashes, english cucumbers and crisp beans among other favorites.  And with the shortening days and autumn approaching, the long season crops are coming to maturity – sweet corn, picking cucumbers, winter squash and root vegetables ready for storage.  And finally, through the winter months when greens are at a premium, you can still find a variety of baby lettuce mixes, pea and sunflower shoots, sprouts and microgreens at the local farmer’s market.  And because we provide a direct-to-market product, we can guarantee the quality and freshness of the produce.